is an alumni-operated site dedicated to chronicling the tradition of Hill-Murray boys hockey. The team has been active since 1960 and this site since 1999. Hill-Murray boasts one of the strongest high school hockey programs in Minnesota, with six state championships and numerous regional and conference titles.

The 2024 season gets underway November 30. View the 2024 season page or follow MN Hockey Hub for more frequent updates.

Congratulations to three alumni who have made Division 1 college debuts in 2023: Remington Keopple (Cornell), Joe Palodichuk (Wisconsin), and Axel Begley (Minnesota).

Offseason trivia:
Aldrich Arena is almost exactly halfway between the Equator (0 degrees latitude) and North Pole (90 degrees latitude). The 45th line of latitude runs just a few hundred yards north of Aldrich Arena, near Frost Ave and through Goodrich and Keller golf courses. It might be hard to believe when attending a January game, but while watching a game at Aldrich you are slightly closer to the Equator than the North Pole.


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